Just like my review, I won’t spoil the puzzles but having completed the game here’s my advice to “winning”:

Read Carefully; Yes this is obvious, but read it all carefully….. incuing the intro text. There’s a lot of information in this game and you need to give yourself the time and space to take it in fully.

Note Priorities; We found it helpful to have shorter notes on separate post its or similar sheets – some things come up again and again, and rifling through an A6 notebook is going to be frustrating and time consuming. Identify groups of information and try to collect them together to be able to review easily.

Mind Map; Yes, they suggest this and they are not kidding. This is a complex adventure and it requires you to identify the informaiton you have, and even what information might be out there. A mind map linking places / people / information is going to be important to visualising some of the parts of the final stages of this mystery.

Take Your Time; Honestly, I might be stating the obvious, but the group I played this through with regretted not taking ore real world time to review and come to an answer. Nothing was beyond our ability but we slipped up on simple thing due to the density of information.

What are you looking for?; This is linked to the density of information, but again spend your time making sure you are serving the purpose of that part of the game. If you know it’s a place, it will help you a lot!

Stress Level; This felt like a bit of a trivial parameter in the game but I think we oversimplified it. You are told people are stressed when you speak with them – don’t always assum that means they are lying though.

Names; Be careful looking up names only when you are told to. We made the mistake at one point of gaining an advantage by punching in a name we knew but had no reason to enter. I don’t think we were supposed to and I would be carefuly about entering things into the system which you haven’t been instructed to.

Sequels?; Don’t worry if you haven’t played the base game, it’s quite self contained and even within each chapter I think you could vary the players. Of course, the group talk is best if you can keep the band together!