So if you haven’t read the review then this game is a pure dexterity game – placing pieces to form a tower, but don’t knock it down.

I really enjoy this game, but there’s not much to say in terms of strategy. It’s about getting the placement right. However, here’s a few things that make the game easier or harder as you prefer (I sometimes enjoy the challenge of certain placements!).

During the game: 

Short Walls (Easy): Taking the short walls is always the easier choice. Low centre of gravity making the balancing easier.

Spider Monkey (Hard): In general, anything additional that you have to put on the tower is tricky. However, after the first four spider monkeys the next player to play one will remove the lowest monkey and move it to the current position. So now you have to move it, not just place it!

Back to Ground (Easy): Sometimes, and particularly in the mid game, it’s worth bearing in mind that you don’t have to build at the top. It’s often easier to just go back down the tower, perhaps even to the base. You will find it easier to balance, and you will more likely catch the leader if they are constrained by reaching the summit!

Single Walls (Hard): Two walls good, one wall bad – short or long the more walls the easier it is to balance!

Are you at the top? (Easy): If you are at the top then it’s time to take the tough choices – if you can make it challenging now, then the next player might just knock the tower over. If it’s already wobbly, just be careful you don’t tip it over the edge.

Can you do it? (Hard): Perhaps this is just me, but I try to push myself sometimes to do the challenging options just because… well because it’s a challenge. I find it can make the game more enjoyable and the tower more hilarious.

Good luck!