If you don’t know what X Wing is as a game, then check out the review section. I have focused on the core mechanics of the game because beyond these there are a huge variance of rules that are detailed and complex.

I am not a tournament player but I try and provide interesting content for new players. So if you just bought the core box and you are struggling to over come your friends, here’s a few things you might try.

During the Game:

Get in Behind: Yes, it’s simple but the princget in. iple of getting them into your firing arc whilst keeping yourself out of the ark is instrumental. Think of it as the reason to turn right rather than left – go round the side rather than straight on. However, don’t hang around too long, your moves become predictable and after a couple of rounds you will need to think about changing things up.

Surprise: Changing things up is easy to say but sometimes it means really knowing your dial. The moves you can make are different from the moves of your opponent – the better you know your ability and their limitations the more easily you will out maneuver the enemy. Knowing what you can do next turn allows that less predicted short move / hard right / long u-turn.

Look for the turn: Look for that opportunity to position in two turns not one – turn right and then left. Turn and then u-turn. These moves keep the opponent guessing and can lead to that “bank 3 and turn” or “move 4 and turn” which the other player may not have realized.

More ships? Get in Close: If you have the numbers then getting in close can be smart. Giving the attacker the advantage on dice. You might lose a ship – but a one for one loss is worth it to you, and you can fire more times than your opponent and hence get more of the benefit. The same is true for long range – less ships, stay far out. Your defense needs the boost – more can shoot you than you can shoot!

FOCUS: Low pilot skill? You will probably need to focus, need to balance your attack and defense options. Once the map is set you will know which you can use. If you are certain to be on the defense an evade may be worthwhile, but focus is the more balanced position and then option I default to.

Barrels & Boost: The short movements can get you into or out of scraps – range and sights can be materially altered from just short movements. These little tricks are best for high pilot levels – try and use them in the set up. For the base game – the TIE fighters won’t be able to benefit as much from this but with only one opponent it will be more obvious where they are headed!

Concentrate Fire: Straight out of every other war game, but concentrate fire. Bring your enemy into a trap where he can be shot be everything and only shoot back once. This type of outflanking / positioning is key in X Wing. Divide and conquer has never been more true. The X Wing in the base game will do much better if he can fight each TIE one at a time – if you have a squad you must play as a squad.

Good Luck!