So it’s pretty dangerous to say the words ” strategy tips” about a game which is as simple as placing cards in order but without saying anything – what can you do?! Whatever I say here will likely be deemed to be codifying a play style and “not in the spirit” of the game, but here’s my best effort at helping without breaking…

During the Game:

Counting; No, I am not advocating a specific method but it would be remiss of me if I didn’t mention that some people count literally from 1-100 every game. As everyone adjusts their approach and timing through the game this can really help you win. However, don’t become fixated on this from the start or you might miss the chance to chat.

Skipping; The simpler version, that still allows discussion is to skip through groups of numbers. A sort of thought process that says “we are in the 10s…. now we are probably in the late 10s… okay probably early 20s”. This mental rough works in the early rounds, but can get trickier the later you go.

Mind the Gap; Either of the above approaches falls into some pretty sticky moments when the gap between the last and next number exceeds 20. So what to do? Well, again not codifying but you may want to be more cautious the bigger the break and less cautious in small breaks.

Not that Small!; That said, if the break is 3 cards, then it just might be possible there is one before you. It’s more like a normal distribution where time slows down going out of the last card plays, returns to a regular rhythm and then slows down again if no-one plays. This dynamic might not happen in your group, but watch out for it because it might be effecting the one player who keeps killing the game!

Use the Starts; You are some sort of weird ninja and you have throwing stars. Use them! When you are worried about a gap, when using them would knock out one or two players or when using them would complete the round. Don’t end the game with no lives and lots of stars. Also you will get more in the game, so use them wisely but often.

Acceptable Table Talk; In my humble opinion, letting the group know when you are ready to start, or just putting the card down and chatting when you feel it appropriate is fine. Not everyone will get on with this, but it can be funny when two cards are left and the players defiantly talk about the England world cup run… Whatever you do though, don’t say anything about your numbers!

Reset; This is important. When something goes wrong, or cards go quickly, take a breath and reset. This game can rush away from you, but that’s when your most likely to lose. Keep calm, and keep playing The Mind.

Good Luck!