It’s been a while since my last posts on Gloomhaven and during that time I have unlocked a lot more characters, and played a lot more hours. Therefore, be warned there are SPOILERS below.

However, if you have read my posts on the starting characters and wanted some insight on one of the other characters that you have unlocked – here are my thoughts on how they work, how they fit in the team and what to look out for.

Quartermaster; The character is the Inspector Gadget of Gloomhaven – with a number of cards linked to the use of items, this character can recycle items and utilize them much more effectively than others. The character is also well equipped with a mix of short range and long range attacks. This is a balanced and healthy character that makes for a good combination with the specialist support of a Scoundrel or a Spellweaver character.

Sunkeeper; Speaking of specialist support – this is a Ultrahealer, a character that keeps others alive and stands alongside them in close combat. The Sunkeeper is best therefore on the frontline, side by side with another combat character but vulnerable to being isolated. Whilst the Sunkeeper has it’s own attacks, it’s strongest cards prime others to strike as well. The Scoundrel’s use of effects and small attacks, the Brute’s shield and strike or the Cragheart’s ability to stand and fight.

Doomstalker; This character is most like the Mindthief of the original set. The character has a good set of options between it’s own “Doom” token powers and the ability to summon creatures. Using the “Doom” is most effective for effective groups – mixing well with single high hit damage and a few multi-strike attacks. The Doomstalker adds a lot to a team of three where the room can often be overrun with creatures. Works well with most, but can certainly protect a Tinkerer or a Soothsinger and allow them to be more effective.

Soothsinger; The weakest character I have unlocked so far, the character is a supporter of others and has few of his own attacks. He makes up for this with two key areas; songs and experience. The songs can give healing benefit or allow all players to strike wounds against enemies. The songs and other cards also provide the character with a lot of experience – this makes it interesting to play as you regularly unlock more and more powerful cards. Getting far enough with this character will start to unlock some valuable attack cards.

Good Luck!