You almost certainly haven’t played this yet – as it is my game that is live on Kickstarter. This was made with the design and production of myself and three very good friends. We have all had a hand in this, but here’s how I like to try and get the upper hand:

During the Game:

Early Snitch; An early Snitch is a great tactic – there’s nothing to say you have to wait it out and if you can convince people that you are the only player needed on a card then you can Snitch early in the game and give you a decent lead. This is also good when it is unexpected, but watch out for players copying you next round.

Snitch Alone; Sure, snitching is good but it’s best when you Snitch alone. In a 4 player game, a lone Snitch earns 3 coins whilst 2 Snitches only earn 1 coin each. It allows you to break away. This is a tough however because it’s obvious to snitch at certain times and if the snitch fails its a real waste of the card.

Draw the Snitches; Sometimes you should force a high contract value because it draws the other players to Snitch. They get rid of their cards but only get 1 coin – you hold on to your Snitches without too much cost and this might give you the chance to Snitch later or break a tie. Players will get used to this tactic, but it feels difficult to hold back a Snitch when you know others will Snitch.

Don’t Say Too Much; Telling players what you don’t have will allow them to work out when you are lying and what you have left. I would always lean on saying less than you need to – jump in with card you want to play or sit back and let others iterate until an opportunity to play a card comes up. I would avoid saying “I can’t” or “X or Y” – this says a lot more than just the card.

Last Turn; The last turn is really interesting – does that player have snitches? does that player need the money? Think about whether they will go for a big heist or just a small simple one. Can you snitch? Was the distribution even or difficult? Plan that in a couple of turns ahead to make the most of your cards.

Good Luck & check out Kickstarter for the game