Yes – let’s start with the fact that I designed this game. This is therefore not my normal unbiased review, but clearly as the designer I feel that this is a really interesting game and it would be a shame not to put a post up about it whilst it is live on Kickstarter right now!

So, this game started almost two years ago with a group of friends who I have made a few games with in the past, but we have never published any. We took the basic concept of the prisoner’s dilemma and transformed that into a simple card game. It started off two player, as per the classic game, but soon expanded into a set collection style of game.

Then we started to incorporate a mechanism that we love – the big reveal. Getting a stage where players simultaneously choose a card and then reveal their choice was the key next step. Then combine this set matching / reveal and the classic game and you have Snitch.

The theme of a gang committing crimes felt apt for the base mechanic and popular with films like Baby Driver and the one about the Krays. The light art style allowed the game to be accessible to all and made low iconography for people to learn. We started with tools, but moved to characters as we realized this offered a lot more to the design.

The rest – payout mechanics etc – were iterated through playtests and finalized at UK Games Expo.

It’s been a great journey, and now we are live on Kickstarter.

If I was reviewing this game (as someone else’s) I would focus on the fact that this game is full of negotiations and backstabbing very fitting to the theme. That the game forces you to snitch with the limited cards in your hands for 8 rounds (only 7 non-snitch cards). There is no use feeling bad about Snitching – this is the heart of the game. Just when and how often is a simple tactic.

I would also talk about the emerging gameplay. Rarely will a player play the same way twice and second guessing each other is a part of the charm. Sure I have played it countless times, but even this week we were demo-ing it for 3hrs with a small group playing between 3 players and up to 10 players with lots of laughs, heists that suprisingly succeeded and heists that had the perfect snitch!

The challenges of this game is that it’s a filler. It’s a light fast to learn game with lot’s of players. Some will like it as an intro game or as just a quick starter or end to the night. You will betray and lie, so you have to be comfortable with that. However, if that’s all interesting then it fills a great space in a collection and as a small box game it’s easy to travel with.

Oh and whilst I would like it, we have had the chance to share this with other reviewers and build a site around the game. So check us out at and check out our Kickstarter.

Last notes,

  • If you like a short small card games – this is a prime example of quick to learn but many ways to play
  • If you hate having to lie – then you may struggle to win
  • If you win, try again and watch how others change their play!