If you haven’t played it yet (and given it’s a kickstarter backed project that’s possible) then it’s worth saying that this is a highly thematic game about killing Hitler. It won’t be everyone’s style of game, but if you have it and are looking for thoughts / tips on the game…

During the Game:

Conspire lots; This action is key to raising your commitment and lowering the military strength – both necessary for a win. The side effect and most common outcome though is that you get more actions. I think taking this at the start of the turns is a good plan as you get lots of actions or may help your end goal. However, if you get near the top of the personal suspicion track then you may need to play it cool to avoid being arrested. Focus on cards and resources at that point, or perhaps lowering your suspicion to get back in the conspiring game!

Pick Up Items; In my first few games it was easy to walk around the board uncovering items but not picking many up. I would say this was a mistake. Clearing the items so you can use the special action of the space and lower suspicion (in most cases) is an important game mechanic. You can always trade the goods with others later, or use them to lower suspicion elsewhere. Just be careful they don’t get stolen by one of the generals! After all you will need some of these for the plots later!

High Suspicion; With lots of players I think there becomes a strategy that a player who is already on the top level of suspicion can conspire without risk to himself. This player will almost certainly end up in jail. However, with lots of players there are ways of managing the interrogation cards and the player should be okay to get arrested and then eventually get released. He will be taking one for the team, but it’s a good team based strategy for the win.

Arrested; Don’t all have high suspicion though, because just as much as you want that win, you need to avoid the instant loss. A loss can happen any time and with cards that allow generals to make arrests you need to keep one or two (preferably) of the players off of the top suspicion area where they can be arrested!

Spread out; The generals will struggle to catch all of you, and you will have a better ability to reveal resources. Even in the late game, if there are a couple of plots live then you want to spread those players out so that you can catch Hitler even if a card suddenly moves him.

Berlin; I think most of the time having a player near Berlin is valuable. A lot of the plots activate there and there are some good action spaces in Berlin. Of course it’s playing with fire as the generals are normally there, but at least one member of the team can play in to this strategy.

Prison; Interrogation cards vary wildly and that can mean that sometimes you are best to wait it out and not crack, but sometimes you have only a one-in-six chance of a bad outcome. This is the weak interrogator who may let you out – take the chance and get out then before the guards shift!

Build Up; Yes, obviously resources are good to give you more dice, but the cards (across all players) are good too. Cards that stop you failing or that allow re-rolls can really mitigate a poor dice roll in the final push. It still comes down to a roll, but games where your hand is full of cards before you take the risk are normally better mitigated.

Plot Failure; Don’t worry about the arrest condition of the plot – if you fail you lose the items, and this is the biggest set back!

Good Luck!