Having just posted the review of this game I wanted to post up some short strategy tips to go with it. Again, there’s no variation in the set up here so it’s all about the “in play”.

Before reading on – consider that you may want to discover these tricks for yourself as solving the puzzle of the co-operative is a big part of the “game” of it.

During The Game:

Explore the whole map; There is a temptation to get drawn to the lightly themed objectives early in the game – focusing on searching with each character for their own weapon. There’s the even worse temptation to complete the weapon search before finding the exits. Resist these and open up the whole map before you begin collecting the weapons. The first reason for this is the change in the teleports (see below) but the second reason is the frantic nature of the time once you complete each stage. Stepping into the final challenge before you know where you’re going will make it almost impossible.

Use the teleports (while you can!); Once you have found all the weapons (and put thee right character on each) then you have completed that section of the game and the teleports are closed. Up until this point in the game you can shift your characters across the map to (a) speed up the move to a new exploration point, (b) prepare for the weapon grab (c) break a deadlock when people aren’t moving the character you want. This last one is key. Breaking the deadlock and shifting the focus can be very powerful when you can’t otherwise say which character you feels need to move.

Move a man near a timer; If you see the timer is running low and you have the opportunity to move a man near the timer do it. It’s a practical point but you may be busy when the timer is even closer. No need to take the last step but make sure that someone is there. When you need them to move it – it’s time to use the big red reminder…

Use the big red reminder; Yes it’s obvious to say you should use it to prompt an action, but think what more it might mean to place it on a particular side of the person when they have to actions. Think what it might mean to place the big red reminder next to the timer?! These different options of when and how to use the reminder will become a custom to your group – don’t forget when playing with new players that it will take time to establish customs.

Work on one/two at a time and not four; There are four characters, four weapons and four exits. If you were able to pat your head and rub your stomach (in the simple experiment) then now try to hop on one leg and nod as well – concentrating on four things is exponentially harder than two. So keep it simple move one or two individuals as a team to their next step and then change focus. How to agree….

Talk when you can; Agreeing on anything mid game requires you to use the short moments (when the elf explores / when the timer is turned). You can talk at these times to simply agree which characters you will move and where they are headed. Try to agree a simple order – you don’t want to find that once you complete the objective you need to talk again.

As I type that the timer is running down and there is no more sand timer turns available I will leave it there…