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Yet another blog? I have been playing board games for most of my life – from the regular family Christmas game to “euro” style games at university. I have played 200+ different board games, listen to other reviewers /podcasts and have been to Essen multiple times. I have also published my own game in that time. It doesn’t make me an expert by a long stretch, but I thought I would find a way to share my views on different games and some strategy suggestions for those games.

In the reviews, I will try to focus on what elements of the game are unique, which really work well and which areas might be areas for house rules or reasons that others might not enjoy the game. I will cover how long a game takes (including teaching it to new players!) and how many players it plays well with. These are the things that I think about when I buy games and hence hopefully this helps other people too.

In strategy posts, I will cover different methods for winning and specifically the options you have in your first turn. In most games, there are varied ways to win, setting some of these out will hopefully give you ideas for your own game or just a jumping off point for building your own approach. From first turns, to best things to do on a mid-game turn, these ideas will helpfully lead to less frustration in the middle of what can be a 2hr+ game! These aren’t dominant strategies though (mostly) so please comment, make suggestions and share your approaches! If I haven’t talked about a certain play-style I will always want to read your thoughts on it.

If you are interested in contributing the strategies that you use in games please message me. If you are designing a game and want an opinion on it or a playtest – please email. Board gaming is an entirely social hobby and I hope that these posts will help people enjoy and get the most from the games they buy and the games they play.

You can find me on instagram @elusivemeeple and on board game geek or email me at robert@elusivemeeple.com

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