If you don’t know the game, then think of a co-op where you race to collect the items all the while the game is building it’s defense until it becomes too strong to overcome! Rush then to the end game before the clock runs out! Check out my review for more detail on how the game plays, and my thoughts on it.

However, if you have tried the game and you are looking for a few tips to get you to the win:

During the game:

Spread out!: It might seem obvious, but it’s all about it getting to those tokens. Stopping the ghosts from overwhelming you though is key to keeping them game going. So, if you are going to keep those guys in check you need to spread out from the start. Go different ways – cover three rooms each, and then start to work out how you get those tokens out of the building!

Runner: So if you want to get those tokens out, you need a runner. The rest of you play defense, but then you need to allocate one person to make a play for the tokens – you need to get a runner. With a runner you can keep the ghosts in check whilst getting the tokens out. However, the runner won’t always be the same person and it won’t always be obvious from the start that this person should be the runner – see where the ghosts come up, see who gets the good dice rolls.

Grab & Go: At the end, the runner is a great theory, but the reality is that the building is collapsing. Get the whole team to load up and get yourselves out of there. The last tokens are a mad dash to the finish – make sure the game doesn’t end before you get out but don’t do it slowly! You all need to grab that one last token and get out. If you did well, then you are grabbing the ones from near the door last (you got those corner ones earlier!) and now you are running out without too far to go!

Avoid the Green Spectre: The green Spectre then becomes your biggest threat. A monster that can pin you down and that cascades the ghosts into the other rooms! This guy can halt your run for the finish and can cause the loss of the building. Beating this guy is just a lot more difficult than it might appear – one in six sounds ok, but the loss of the turns is huge! Avoid that for as much as you can (if you can’t kill the ghosts first, think hard before going).

Team up: If you have to fight that spectre then you have to fight it – perhaps its in a central room, or perhaps it has your friends trapped! Go back and team up! Get the extra dice roll and save the time. This rescue attempt can help you then course correct and get back to saving the day!

Team up (again!): Also, you should team up when you are on that run to the finish. When the cards fall against you. Even when you are just struggling with clearing one route. These little challenges will require you to team up. Require you to work together to clear the worst of the fire.

Doors: Watch out for those doors and particularly watch out that you aren’t all relying on own of the two colours. If you are all about to move through green then you are in trouble – one door card can destroy your strategy and the routes around those doors take a long time! Balance the needs of the team, diversify your approach. That way, one card cannot end the game for you.

Good luck!