Nothing in the set up here – just keep moving along the missions! However, there’s a few things to think about in the game!

During the game:

Two ways to play: As I discussed in the review – it’s either a race or a need to solve everything. If it’s a race you have actually only about half the allotted time, but if you try to solve everything then watch out for all the small leads and use every bit of the days you have. Both ways are fun, but choose wisely because you will only have one chance at each mission.

Systematically Capture Locations: Each time you speak with people they will tell you about other people, other locations and in particular street / house locations you might visit. If you can capture these you will be in a position to chase every lead – even when the one you had the greatest hope for turns out to be the dead end or worse the lead that nearly gets you killed!

Don’t Double Check: If you know something, then trust yourself. If the book is in the library then perhaps you can read it. However, if the book is not in the library then going to the library is not likely to reveal anything new. This is often the case; perhaps a character is at a location, a character you wanted to find – sometimes it’s better to save that as your guess than to go there and confirm it for certain.

Read the Newspaper: In the version of the game where you solve all the riddles you will need to read the newspaper. The things happening in Arkham are revealed through the small stories that are played out in the newspaper, and the clues hidden in the words used. Sometimes you need to look back to previous months to find clues of the core story or indeed these side plots. Keep an eye out for them and don’t forget to look at prior months.

Probably a 2-3 player game at most: There’s space for a person to read the clues in locations, read the newspaper, and to make suggestions through out. Beyond three players though forces someone into the role of scribe while others through around ideas. It leaves the game with a likely alpha player. Watch out for these downsides as you build a group of players for the game!

Specialists – well only in the cult: The specialists this game provides you with are often unhelpful. They are regularly disappointingly uninformed or perhaps add little to what you have learnt. The best ones are those who specialise in the occult. They bring something that you may not know but may not be told to you. Sure, enough games of Arkham Horror will help, but these will be your best advisors.

Don’t lose time: The biggest risk is duplication, but there is a lingering risk that you can get knocked out or end up losing time. Sounds simple, but sometimes it’s not just the scary dark warehouse that is the trap. Also, sometimes it’s when you go that matters so think before you decide which order to move in!

Good Luck!