If you haven’t read my blog on this check it out – it explains why despite only a handful of tips below, I think this is a great game to play and one that the whole family can enjoy together.

Strategy Tips – Throughout the Game:

Get Dice – This is a worker placement game, and just like every worker placement game ever made (well almost anyway); the more workers the better. This is even more true here because you roll the workers at the start of each round and therefore the more dice you have the more likely you are to have a critical number that you need for your most important action.

Use The Colony Constructor – It’s tempting to slowly launch your colonies (you may need to have read the rules to know what I mean) but there is a space on the board to do so quickly, and I personally think this is essential. Manipulating your dice and using this a few times during the game is the only way I found to win. Relying on a slow and steady (tortoise) approach is a lot harder as this game can become a race.

Get Alien Tech Early – Specifically the tech that let’s you change your dice. It won’t feel essential at the time but over the course of the game this can be instrumental, and therefore in my view this is worth the early investment.

Throw a Dice – There’s the ability to throw away a dice to help with Colonies. My one note on this is to only do this for the very final colony. You may have already felt this was intuitive not to do it before, but I thought I would stretch it once and throw it away for the penultimate one – “how hard can it be to get one more after” – well…. I didn’t win that one and I wouldn’t recommend that thought expirement…..

Steal Ruthlessly – There are resources and you can steal. If your player group doesn’t, then of course that’s up to you but we certianly felt that this was essential to winning. It completely changes what the other player can do and resources can take time to replace.