If you haven’t played 7 Wonders, check out my review of this fantastic game which has the rare option of sitting up to 7 players. If you have, but are struggling to win, here are some of my thoughts on best strategies;

Before the Game:

Seating Plan; This is a game where your neighbours’ military matters, and finding the seat between the two least aggressive players at the table may well serve you. A tacit agreement not to build up military can allow you to develop other cards; but if their other neighbours build up military they will still suffer the points deductions

Resources in Wonders; My preference is always for the wonders with powers or resources available. The straight points are helpful, but I think you can do more with a well crafted engine than those early step up points. Picking your wonder is a more stylistic decision, but worth thinking about before you start (unless you do a random draw!)

During the Game:

Science; Get into the science game early. These cards stack really quickly and one science can lead to another. If others are running away with this watch out for the few other cards (blue included) which can open up future science cards for free.

Free Development; Speaking of which, keep an eye on the cards that build free buildings in later rounds. Even if not completely on the original strategy, these cards can make good second choices when dealing with an unwanted hand of cards.

Hate Draft; When you have cards you don’t want in your hand, it’s because they are cards others do. Think about which of those are the most vital to another player and discard if you have to. More valuable still, put that card under the board to score or activate the bonus from the wonder.

Military; My preference is to hold off the round one military. It might be worth it in the final two hands if it means beating both of your neighbours through military, but otherwise the investment is often quickly redundant through stronger military cards to come.

Trade / Produce; For me, these are mutually exclusive. You are either trading with your neighbours or seeking to be a producer. Investing in both will mean an under-investment in higher points scoring cards. Also in my view you should only have one (at a push two) of the grey production cards – make sure you get the one you need for your own wonder or preferred later stage cards.

Trading; Whilst you can be a trader and make the game work for you, be careful not to trade too much with a single neighbour. This structure offers free resources to them, and whilst often of limited use this can add up to enough of a points difference or simply allow them to trade further round the table.

Good Luck!