If you haven’t played Undertow then check out my review, but if you have played it and are seeking tips for defeating the big bad – these are my thoughts.

During the Game;

Tips; There are tips for each characters built on the sheet – these unique tips are extremely helpful and if in doubt start with the first 2-4 recommendations for that character. These are highly accurate and I haven’t found one that is inaccurate.

Health; After that, if in doubt get Health. This game will have plenty to throw at you and surviving an extra attack can be vital in landing a killing blow, or just outlasting the opponents when beyond round 5. This is when every player losses a true damage each turn.

Att/Def/Dex; Balance the choice of bonus attack, defence and dexterity such that you can always use all your dexterity for attack and defence. Players can get drawn in to bonus trait dice used in the opening turn, but then under-utilised dex for the rest of the battle – I think this is inefficient and you need to balance the basics first.

New Character – Gasket; Needs to watch his hydro. You can only use a limited number of hydro actions and you are always at risk that the hydro valve dice is going to leak hydro. After that one or two hydro attacks can become expensive. Make sure you have enough basic dice therefore, and give yourself enough hydro to last out the game even if the valve leaks every other turn!

New Character – Duster; Is most powerful with Nightshade. The way to bring Nightshade out though is to be injured. Use the enemies to plan effectively when you can take a small amount of damage and use that to bring Nightshade to the table. It’s actually better to bring Nightshade in at the front of the battle queue than start the game with Nightshade.

Fight Early; If you can attack the boss early you should; as long as you have a training point a day you should be ready to fight the boss. The times when you get trove loot are helpful, but it’s the training points that really matter and once you have enough you should strike. Delaying further will allow more enemies in the boss fight which may not be advantageous to you because the new training points will have a declining impact. There is one consideration though – sometimes it’s easier to fight less in number and if you are close to a 20 point bad guy you may find that fighting 1 of him is easier than three 5s!

New Boss Barnacle; This is an easy boss to train against and can be fought with some tactical efforts. Try to kill multiple tentacles at the same time and delay the Barnacle coming out until a turn when lots of the tentacles die. This way it cannot retreat them and protect itself. Also, once it is out you will have two turns to kill it (if it can retreat the tentacles), therefore you should focus the kill shots on that as soon as it emerges. Keep the power dice back and then use it to attack the key monster.

New Boss Nobulous; This is a much more challenging boss, but made easier if you fight the boss event and clear his machine. It’s a tough sub-adventure but if you pursue it to the finish it will make a big impact on the boss fight.

Range; If in doubt bring Ghillie. Range is still overpowered in this game and if you are struggling then bring Ghillie with a high attack and high health. This is a sure fired way of improving your odds.

Good Luck!