If you have played Tiny Epic Mechs you may be wondering why rushing for the big mech is not a sufficient tactic, but there are a lot of factors to consider here including the timing of the scoring. Here are my thoughts on the best tactics to use:

During the Game:

Scoring Rounds; The scoring rounds are only every other round and this means that you need to be tactical about when you score. Position to get the points quickly after scoring because these points can be fleeting, and once the turrets are on high scoring areas – they are targets!

Rush to Second Weapon or Mech; This was the most interesting thing for me. Some players rushed to get their mech (and then the big mech) while others rushed to a second basic weapon. The fact that players can win a fight with two basic weapons (due to exhaustion of the enemy) means that the mech is not necessarily the most effective strategy. Get in to fights early and with more weapons and you will win points even if you take damage. What is more, when you upgrade that damage is healed.

Counter Combat; Once in combat you need to find a way to avoid your opponents’ counters or indeed find a way to force them towards actions that will give you counters. This can all be calculated before the fight starts and a good understanding of the bonus power of each weapon is also important.

Mine / Turrets; I recommend spending the non-scoring round building mines and the scoring round building turrets. This manages your resource spend and allows you to get down the key buildings with less chance they are destroyed. The only thing to keep in mind is when combat might happen and whether a well placed mine would save you as they happen before the combat!

Mech at End; The big mech is a lot of points but if you can get into it in turns 5 / 6 then this is enough. Being in it first can feel great, but it will leave you with a target on your back. from turn 4 onwards this becomes a better cost / reward trade off – especially on turn 4 itself.

Fight-starter; Starting fights, even ones you will lose due to exhaustion, can make sense. You get a point for starting and you get a point for each damage done. Lots of little skirmishes against different opponents can earn you more points than you give to a single other player. Just keep bouncing between them and don’t forget to heal!

Heal & Go-again; This can also be in the plan – if you attack but will lose due to exhaustion, you will shift to ad-hoc mode. If it’s early in the turn, you shouldn’t be afraid to heal and attack again if this will allow you to KO the opponent. You might buy a weapon instead of healing if you have enough health to survive a turn or two.

Purchase Points; Electricity and coins are worth nothing at the end, but the weapons are. Use turn 6 to buy the high point weapons left in the game. This can be especially powerful if you end up in ad hoc mode early and can buy multiple times!

Clear Targets; Use your moves to clear out some of the opponents turrets and mines just before points scoring. But always keep in mind that the 4 mine is out there and you can work out the max damage before you jump in!

Use the Walls; You can hide in the corner and bounce of the walls taken actions. Purchase and heal actions can be used whilst hiding from the enemy. This is especially good when your opponent is trying to chase you and tries to predict your next move!

Collect Doubles; The income in this game can be tricky if everyone is focused on keeping your turrets / mines limited. Try to get the income from spaces that are both electric and coins. These will be targets, but two quick collects can make it worthwhile.

Good Luck!