If you have read my review, you will know that there is a lot of luck to this game. However, that doesn’t mean that there is no point in trying to manage it! If however the below is meaningless then check in on my review which covers the basics of the mechanics and the theming of this game.

During the Game;

Early Cave; The cave is the location containing the top treasure / shrine on the map. If you can get this earlier it can put you ahead of the other players and give you the quickest path to victory. The path into the cave is almost impossible in the early game though. Almost is key – because this game is a lucky draw I think that it’s worth the risk if you have one or no shrines in the early game to still go into the cave and hope to stumble upon it.

Shrines; The shrines are the win condition but also a route to power for your piece. The player that finds each one is able to get the benefit early, but the player who chases the other players most effectively will be the winner in totality. Second to three is better than first to two.

Gardens; These are the tiles that you build from, the tiles that offer you enough variety of resource through the game will be essential to an army, building and eventually the mobility of the army to block your opponent.

Farmhouse; Key for resources – being able to trade between assets and not just take from the spot you start on is key. Set up a farmhouse early and set up the workers. A well placed farmhouse is as good as the garden tile.

Mapping; This is the biggest factor – you can use the mapping to your favour. Build out rivers that block your opponents, position forts and farmhouses in the way. Yes your opponent can fight through them but they will be slowed down by them. Even better if they decide to venture around them and risk hitting another river tile from the stack which would block them. Lay these traps in your wake and try to make the road to the cave narrow and difficult.

Shrine Blocking; The other way too block is to use the shrines. A well placed shrine is as much a block on the map as it is a goal. It can help you to seal off a part of the map which has more that the players need. Making them take multiple steps around the shrine or past your armies.

Good Luck!