Not much to King of Tokyo, but as always alongside the review I like to capture my thoughts on potentially important strategies. Here’s a few notes from my games.

During the Game:

Hold Tokyo; This is the King of the Hill mechanic in the game and you will always score some points from Tokyo. Holding Tokyo will be a particularly important point though (above taking it) – you want to make the most of each time you are in Tokyo, because when you leave you will need to take your chances with healing. Next time you go back in, you don’t want to just be a “one round and done” hold if you can help it.

Strike from Tokyo; Sometimes under-rated but important. Hitting out against your opponents whilst you are in Tokyo can potentially kill off one, greatly reducing the chances of them winning, or prevent them being in a position to hold Tokyo for very long – in fact you may yield Tokyo to them, only to strike them again and take them out!

Yield with Health; In contradiction to my first note, but because of the fact that others will quickly utilise the second. You will need to leave Tokyo with enough health to survive on the side lines. Build power here, build you cards and build your health back up above 75%.

Cards Help; First few games the cards felt less important, but then I realised that even the bad ones mean you are cycling through the deck and looking for the opportunity to score points in new ways, defend damage or deal increased amounts of pain to your opponents. Keep moving through these, but don’t hand new cards to your opponent who has also built up his reserves. The best of the cards are those avoiding damage and manipulating the dice before the roll.

A point is not A lot; I have seen players spend a lot of time chasing the three numbers of the same type for a point. This is rarely a fruitful strategy. If you get the three immediately, chase extra ones, but chasing these points is often less beneficial than attacking or getting cards.

Push your Luck; There will come a time in the late game where you will need to push your luck to win. Look ahead and see how close others are. If you have no other way to win, then stand in the middle and hope the die go your way!

Keep your enemies close; Lastly, and partially mentioned in point 2, you may want to yield early to let your enemy into Tokyo when they have little health left and many opponents to face. This can mean they get points but lose them all. Worth drawing them in sometimes just to keep them on their toes!

Good Luck!