If you haven’t played this or the base game (Tiny Epic Defenders), check out my reviews for both. If however, you are trying to win that campaign and want some thoughts on strategy – here are my suggestions….

During the Game:

Wagon Shuffle; One new mechanic in this game is appearance of caravans or wagons that need to be brought to the capital. There isn’t much theme, as I mention in the review, but if you are playing these then you will need to find an efficient way to shuffle those wagons home. Specifically I find that you will be retreating back to the capital to heal often enough and these are the times to take a wagon and run with it. However, I also don’t recommend spending the extra experience to move them one at a time into the capital. Get them to the border, and then pull in the wagons together.

Dire Beasts; There are more dire beasts in the expansion. There is not just different powers, but the possibility that a random draw will pull two from the same area. You are at risk in those scenarios of being caught undefended as a single defender gets warmed by enemies! Watch out or this risk and then concentrate your defense to respond (even if the territory is already destroyed).

Surroundings; Don’t forget the benefit the surroundings provide you during the game. The new territories provide issues that can challenge and stretch players. However, in the long run these same scenery cards switch back to supporting the player and providing new and powerful benefits that you should be watching and using. Getting used to them takes time but the combinations are very powerful.

Heal the Capital; The capital, in the base game, takes a beating but you run for the finish. In the campaign you need to heal it. There’s a way to do this with one of the items, and if you get this item it can become a crucial part of the tactic. Without this, small slips compound and you will have a much harder time of holding back the fire!

Spread Out; As with the base game, you need to defend all the territories and to heal them as they get attacked. Spreading out your defenders (and rotating them) will be key to this. Move out initially, take damage and rotate around the board. As you rotate, drop into the capital for healing. Look for locations that will help cover multiple places! Watch also for the pattern from prior rounds!

Road Blocks; There is one big new element though, sandstorms and other features which block movement. This is a clever new addition and a strategy consideration which will change the way you move. It will change the way you defend and you will need to take down these road blocks as quickly as you can!

Level Up; Over time you will get new skills but do not rush to level up. Use experience to improve your chances in other areas, move wagons and other bonuses. Experience will flow during the game, but patience is required to level up and the powers are you gain from levelling up are random and not proportional to a deliberate effort.

Leave Items; There are occasions when some defenders take up more of the damage. When this happens, you need to leave items behind and allow other players to jump in to take these. It’s critical to spread around the good items to be in a position to beat the boss.

Good Luck!