If you haven’t played Potion Explosion there is both the physical board game and the app to try, but if you have and are looking for thoughts on how to score even more points… here’s my starting tips for new players.

During the Game:

Use the Extra Marble!; There is a mechanic which allows you to take an extra marble before or after your go. Well this mechanic doesn’t give you the chain bonuses of the other marbles that then slide into contact, but it can be a good way to complete a set or even to line up your turn for a bigger bonus on your main action. Particularly use this to complete potions where the minus point from the mechanic is outweighed by achieving more points during the course of the game.

Use it or lose it!; Those potions you worked so hard to complete give you a further in game bonus. These bonuses are worth nothing at the end of the game so look for opportunities to use them through to set up your main action or to complete further potions.

Concentrate; The bonus points are scored for three of a kind or five different potions. You will be regret the end game scores if you have one short in two sets but only four different types…. the worst of all possible worlds and yet it happens.

It’s a Race!; Don’t forget that this game is a race to the finish. Once those bonus points for sets run out the game is over…It’s no use scoring more points later.

Chaining; The biggest impact in this game comes from chains of connections. Getting one marble is not that useful, but getting the two that then touch to be removed as well is good. Going for the one after that is exceptional and often more than you can use, however this can be a masterful stroke late game!

Store; The store is useful for preparing the next potion and indeed storing general overflow. However, be careful cause this can be stolen by other players… and this can be a good idea for you! Stealing from others is an uncertain gamble but with only a few colours this seems to work out quite often!

Good Luck!