This is a nice simple roll & write (details in the review), but if you are looking for a few ideas about the small choices that might tip the balance of the scales – if the dice are with you – then look below. However, if the dice go against you there is little you can do, even with the re-rolls from crystals:

Mosque & extra dice/action: Buying the mosques early is important – carrying the benefit through multiple rounds will offer you the chance to draw on it as and when you need it, perhaps more than once. Most important of these is to unlock that early extra dice and/or the extra action. Taking three actions fully utilises difficult hands and taking an extra dice helps creates more opportunities to buy more!

Three actions (max):  You may get opportunities to get more than three actions – this is nearly always pointless. That last can rarely be taken and often four small actions are worse than the three action option set you could have done.

Four of one colour ruby: This is a simple ruby to buy, so don’t miss the chance! It’s also important because the next one of that set costs five. Your opponents might be able to sneak four of one commodity in their last turn, but getting five will be truly challenging!

Keeping a diamond back: I would argue that the diamond is not there to optimise one good roll, but to reduce the damage of one bad roll. Keeping the diamond back therefore should offer you the chance to avoid a turn where you can’t take an action / are taking too much money or cards!

Free Card each turn: This is a powerful but very random Mosque – taking this early game is worth while, but late game becomes much less useful. The free card could give everyone commodity tokens as well though, so watch out for that!

Coins & Stacking: Getting the coins when you can is helpful and might allow you to buy rubies, but stacking this with the mosques that give you commodity tokens is a great way to build to multiple rubies all at the same time!

Tie Breaks: It often comes to a tie break – it’s not just about getting the exact number of rubies required, it’s about getting one more and getting coins / commodity tokens to break ties! Commodity tokens are the most useful for the game and therefore for the tie break. The stacking tip above can be the tiebreaker in that last round!

Good luck!